Simple Watches for Women – The 11 Minimalist Styles for You Under $100

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There’s always room in your wardrobe for a classy new wristwatch. But most pieces out there are too flashy for your outfits, too over the top for your style, and, most importantly, way too expensive for your budget. And that’s why I’m here.

Whether your need a simple watch for the office or a stylish piece to match your minimalist style, here are 11 simple, minimalist watches for women you can get for under $100!

The watches are not listed in any particular order, but we have listed the ratings based on customer reviews to assist in choosing the best option for you. At the time that this blog post was published, all the watches on the list were at or under $100 and prices may have fluctuated since publishing.

11. Black Tie Watch Co. – Libra Mesh
Rating: 4.8 / 5.0
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A bold take on the class leather Libra, the 36MM Libra Mesh from Black Tie Watch Co. is a sleek and sharp addition to your outfit that will instantly upgrade your wrist. The minimalist design fares well in any setting whether it’s professional or casual, and the adjustable mesh strap ensures that your watch will fit perfectly around your wrist every time.

Full features include an adjustable mesh strap, scratch resistant mineral glass face, water resistant casing up to 100 feet, a sandblasted white minimalist dial, and the accuracy of a quartz movement powering the watch hands.

The option of the adjustable strap is a great feature to have – even if you’re thinking that most watches fit you, you may notice that watches you’ve worn in the past could be just a tad bit looser or just a little bit more snug. With this strap, you can get a precise fit every time you adjust it.

10. Black Tie Watch Co. – Libra Gold
Rating: 4.7 / 5.0
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A watch of style and grace, the 36MM gold Libra from Black Tie Watch Co. is a crowd pleaser. A best seller for good reason, the Libra’s genuine leather strap, water resistant case, and scratch resistant face provide the perfect amount of comfort, quality, and durability needed to act as your everyday watch.

Full features include a quartz movement inside of a charcoal black dial, scratch resistant mineral crystal face, a water resistant casing with protection up to 100 feet, a 100% genuine leather strap, and a stainless steel back.

The strap comes standard with quick release pins meaning you can quickly and easily detach your strap to be switched out for another. The great part about this is that you don’t need any tools to do this - simply slide the pin over and pull down to release the strap. When turned in, the pins stay firmly in place so you don't ever have to worry about the strap loosening. An overall great watch for the price and as a thank you for reading through this article, please enjoy some $$ off the Libra at checkout with promo code blog20!

 9. Black Tie Watch Co. – Carbon Grey Balkan
Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
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One of the original pieces from Black Tie Watch Co., the 40MM unisex carbon grey Balkan gives you minimalist style with a bold, unique sub dial design. Complete with a water resistant case and scratch resistant coating on the mineral glass face, the Balkan is built to last.

Full features on this one include a quartz movement, scratch resistant mineral crystal face, water resistant case protecting your watch for up to 100 feet, a 60 second sub dial design, and a genuine leather strap.

A scratch resistant coating is always something to consider when purchasing your next watch. Even when looking for an affordable piece, you don’t want your money wasted and your watch face ruined by something so simple as brushing against a hard wall or surface. With scratch resistance, you can have peace of mind that your watch will be protected.

The Balkan comes with a built in 12 month warranty so you can shop risk free knowing you’ll be making a good purchase. Also, as a thank you for checking out this article, use promo code blog20 for some $$ off the Balkan at checkout!

8. Black Tie Watch Co. – Premier White
Rating: 4.6 / 5.0
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The Premier White with Grey Leather Strap is a stunning timepiece that features a white dial with a minimalist design, making it the perfect accessory for daily wear. The grey leather strap complements the white dial perfectly, making it a versatile option that can be paired with any outfit. Whether you're wearing it to work or to a weekend brunch, this watch is a perfect accessory that will add sophistication to your look.

The Premier White with Grey Leather Strap is not only stylish but also practical. With a reliable Japanese quartz movement and scratch-resistant mineral crystal, you can trust that it will keep accurate time and stand up to daily wear and tear. It's also water-resistant up to 30 meters, so you can wear it with confidence no matter the weather.

At Blacktie Watch Co, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality watches at an affordable price, and the Premier White with Grey Leather Strap is no exception. It's a timepiece that will last for years to come and will never go out of style. With its minimalist design and attention to detail, it's a watch that you'll want to wear every day.

Simple watches for women

 7. MVMT – Rose Gold Boulevard
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
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Let’s kick things off with this simplistic beauty from MVMT. The 38MM rose gold Boulevard is not only designed to be elegant, but it’s also built with a durable scratch resistant and water resistant case to withstand your daily adventures.

Full features include a hardened mineral crystal glass face, 3ATM water resistant casing protecting your piece in up to 100 feet of water, and an interchangeable grey genuine leather strap. The face is simple & easy to read, and the rose gold hands are powered by a reliable Miyota Quartz movement.

Having interchangeable straps is a great option to have when deciding on a watch. A common decision that’s made before selecting a new piece is whether it can be worn every day. Not only would it need to be durable, but it would also need to be able to fit in with everyday outfits such as work attire or casual attire. The ability to change straps gives you the option to convey multiple styles with the same case design.


Green minimalist womens watch

6. Timex – Weekender Green
Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
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A straightforward and comfortable piece that is the perfect inexpensive watch for your casual outings, the 38MM Weekender from Timex is a great selection for any wrist. The olive green on the strap is a nice color that can go well with multiple styles and really meshes great with fall colors.

The texture of the strap also allows it to fit flush and comfortably against your wrist without chafing against your skin. Full features include an analog quartz movement, Indiglo luminous off-white dial, brass bezel, and water resistance up to 30 meters.

A cool feature on this watch is Timex’s signature Indiglo luminous backlight. With this, you’ll be able to read your watch dial in dim light or even in pitch darkness. This is particularly useful for people who often work in areas of low light or if you simply struggle reading your watch in dim light.

The addition of military time inside of the traditional hour markers is a nice touch. Along with the accuracy of the quartz movement and the well defined watch hands, this piece proves to be very functional for the price. Overall, a very solid option that doesn’t break the bank.


Affordable gold simple womens watch

5. Timex – Bronze Metropolitan
Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
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A tasteful wristwatch with a mesmerizing and unique design on the dial, the 34MM Metropolitan from Timex is a modern beauty. The dial design is honestly like nothing I’ve personally seen before – it gives you some real artsy vibes. Also, black and bronze has proven over time to be an undefeated combination.

Full features include analog quartz movement, a charcoal black genuine leather strap, water resistance up to 100 feet, and a brass bezel. This water resistance is great for the casual wearer – at up to 100 feet, your piece is protected if you get caught in heavy rain, it gets splashed on, or if it gets dropped briefly in water. Water resistance is always something to consider when purchasing your watch.

Many buyers of this piece have raved about its classy thin design, wide strap, and lightweight feel on their wrist. The Metropolitan has been described as very comfortable, breathable, and an affordable piece that can be worn out to black tie occasions. For the price, it is an excellent selection to add to your collection!

Classic simple minimalist womens watch brown

4. Fossil – Jacqueline Stainless Steel
Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
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An “Amazon’s Choice” product and for good reason – the 36MM stainless steel Jacqueline from Fossil is a timepiece of elegance and class. The classic dial design and thin leather strap provide a great option for someone looking for a conservative but fashionable watch.

Full features on the Jacqueline include quartz movement powering the bronze watch hands, roman numeral hours markers at 12, 3, 6, and 9, a brown leather strap, and water resistance up to 100 feet. With this water resistance, you can rest assured that your watch is protected against damage from splashes or brief submersion in water – perfect for your everyday life!

Buyers describe the strap as a beige and muted blush genuine leather, the face as quality and durable, and overall the watch as a classy and elegant addition to their wardrobe that meshes wonderfully with casual style clothing. The Jacqueline is certainly a piece of affordable luxury that would give an instant upgrade to your wrist.

simple womens watch kate spade

 3Kate Spade – New York Metro
Rating: 4.6 / 5.0
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A piece of minimalism and grace, the 34MM stainless steel Metro is a fine watch for your everyday attire. With a genuine leather strap and an accurate quartz movement, it is a great combination between style, durability, and functionality.

Full features include a grey genuine leather strap, bidirectional stainless steel bezel, analog quartz movement, and water resistance up to 100 feet. The size of the strap and casing on this watch are great for people with small wrists or those who typically have to deal with the hassle of poking an extra hole in their watch.

This watch will work great for an extravagant and fancy occasion, but it also meshes perfectly in a casual setting. It is truly a watch built to be worn everyday and, at this price, you can’t go wrong with a piece from Kate Spade.


Small simple womens watch

2. Fossil – Carlie Mini Rose Gold
Rating: 4.3 / 5.0
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An ultra-small, sleek piece for those who prefer the look of a compact watch, the 28MM rose gold Carlie Mini is the tiny option your wrist needs. The unique design on the dial depicting stars in the night sky as well as the star etched in at the 12 o clock mark is a nice touch of elegance in this timepiece.

Full features include a rose gold tone plated stainless steel case, above average water resistance up to 50 meters (165 feet), quartz movement, dot indices at the hour markers, and a deployment clasp feature on the strap. The water resistance in the Carlie Mini is stronger than expected – with protection up to 50 meters, you can safely swim with it for short periods and even take a shower with it on without damaging it.

If your goal is a small, sleek, and elegant watch on your wrist this piece from Fossil is for you! Although you might not be wearing this watch on every occasion, it is certainly a watch to have in your wardrobe for a dressy night out. A classy watch that is stylish but not overdressed, the Carlie Mini is a superb option at this price point.


The Libra mesh comes with a free 12 month warranty, free shipping, and you can also take a chunk off that price by entering promo code blog20 at checkout!

Vegan leather simple minimalist womens watch

 1. Sterling – Minimalist Vegan Leather
Rating: 4.3 / 5.0
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Last but certainly not least – the 36MM vegan leather minimalist watch from Sterling. So, you’re probably wondering what vegan leather is. In short, vegan leather is a manufactured form of leather that is typically designed using polyurethane, but it can also be made using pineapple leaves, apple peels, or even recycled plastic. It gives the comfortable and luxurious feel of genuine cowhide leather with less of a damaging effect to nature.

Full features on it of course include the black vegan leather strap, quartz movement, and water resistance up to 100 feet. Overall, it is not a complicated watch and that’s what we love about it. It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles – just the necessities on top of quality materials. At a price much lower than you’d expect, this piece from Sterling is certainly a steal you need in your wardrobe.


So, there you have it! 11 quality minimalist watches that you can use to upgrade your style without putting a dent in your bank account.

Which one of these is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with anyone you know out there who needs help finding a new minimalist watch!

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