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“What Color Watch Should I Get?” The Most Versatile Watch Face Color

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Whether you notice it or not, the color of your watch may be the most important factor in how well your watch meshes with your outfit.

Today, I’ll discuss what color watch you should get next, what color watch goes with everything and what’s the most versatile watch face color you can put on your wrist. Let’s jump in!

What Color Watch Should I Get Next? (By Profession)

The first thing someone notices when they see your wrist isn’t the dials, it isn’t the intricate detailing on the watch buckle, and it isn’t design on the watch face. The first thing anyone notices is the color of your watch. To answer the question of what color watch you should get next, first consider what you’ll be using it for the most.

Business Professionals

what color watch should i get

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Let’s say you’re a student preparing for interviews and plan on working in the corporate office space for your career or even if you’re already working in a professional setting, the best color watch face you can get is certainly white! White is a neutral color that blends well with most all colors and is also the most conventional color you can go with.

When you think about office attire, you generally hover around conservative dress and conservative jewelry to match. As time progresses, office culture seems to be becoming more and more lax by the year, but one thing remains the same – you will rarely see loud, flashy, or bright colors in the office.

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Men and women in the corporate world most commonly wear neutral colored shirts and blouses such as white, black, blue, or grey, but there really aren’t any colors that are off limits during today’s office hours. Despite this, not all wristwear would be accepted in such a setting.

For instance, a business professional wearing a watch with a lime green or bright pink face would likely draw a lot of the wrong kind of attention in the workplace. It is always best to stick to conservative colors which is why a white watch face is your best bet. Outside of white and sticking with the conservative theme, light grey and light-to-medium grey watch faces work very well as well!

Outdoor / Nature Professionals


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If you’re someone who makes their living outdoors or spend most of their time doing outdoors work, a great selection in a watch face color would be either black or dark green. The main goal of your watch is to compliment your outfit, and this is situation is no different. Your typical outdoors attire will include dark, neutral colors which bodes well for our selections.

Of course, they say black goes with everything, but black meshes particularly well outdoors because black faces are much easier to read in sunlight. Black is particularly useful in sunlight because it doesn’t reflect light like lighter colors and also reduces glare.

Dark green is a great choice for similar reasons. Remember, it’s all about picking a color that blends in well with the colors you’d wear in your typical outfit. Oftentimes those colors will be something black, dark brown, or dark grey. And even on those days where you’re donning something outside the realms of camo colors, a dark green face really blends in well with your typical outdoors background.

Casual Watch Wearers

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In a casual setting, you have a lot more freedom with what color faces will go well with your look, but the best choice for the casual everyday watch wearer is still black! Black is versatile in that it blends in well with every color just like white, but the style of black is a lot bolder and more daring making it ideal for everyday wear in a casual setting.

When mixed with popular colors such as gold or silver which are common colors for watch casings or other jewelry / accessories, black appears more aesthetically pleasing because it provides a sharper contrast than that of grey or white.

Black watch faces also provide great contrast with a design on the watch face. While black lettering of course looks great against a white face, most other colors don’t show quite as well. And the same holds true for other popular face colors such as blue, grey, or green. A black face provides a nice background for those who like intricate designs on their watch faces.

What Color Watch Strap Should I Choose?

When choosing a watch, getting the watch strap color perfect isn’t necessarily a huge deal since watch straps are easy and inexpensive to get replaced. But just for the sake of discussion, let’s discuss which color (and material) straps go best with the colors we chose above.


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For white faces, brown leather straps are the perfect compliment. Especially in a business casual setting, the combination of brown and white goes well with most button downs and fits seamlessly with khakis!

For black faces, silver stainless steel straps or stainless steel mesh straps are the way to go. Black leather straps work well here too, but silver provides that nice contrast you want between the face and the strap and it comes off a lot better with two differing colors.

For dark green faces, you’ll want to link it with a bronze / dark brown NATO strap. NATO straps are known for being durable in even the toughest conditions and fit well with the rugged look of a dark green face. A bronze color provides a great contrast with the face, but also fit well into an outdoors theme.

Conclusion – What is the Most Versatile Watch Face?

most versatile watch face color

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Overall, the color of your watch face will come down to your style, your daily uses of the watch, and what colors you normally pull out of your closet. But if we had to choose, we’d definitely say that a black watch face is the most versatile watch face color to choose from.

Black faces blend well with most any color, they handle sunlight very well, are easy to read, and provide a nice contrast with other colors such as gold, white, brown, etc. When selecting your next watch, you’ll never be wrong going with black!

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