How to Adjust a Mesh Watch Band in 1 Minute - The Simple Way

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There's one thing that makes mesh straps better (in my opinion) than most other straps - they're easily adjustable meaning you can get a perfect fit on your wrist every time. So how exactly do you get the perfect fit?

Here's What You'll Need:

- Your Mesh Watch Band
- A firm, flat surface
- A small, blunt, and pointed object 
(A flathead screwdriver works best - if not, use a thumbtack, small needle, or something similar)

How to Adjust a Mesh Watch Band

1. Place the band on the flat surface and hold the clasp steady in position.
2. Place your screwdriver or pointed object directly into the hole in the center of the clasp.
3. Slowly apply pressure and press your pointed object downwards to lift the clasp up and open it.
4. Now the clasp should be free to slide up and down along the watch band.
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5. Slide it towards the watch case to tighten it, slide it away from the casing to loosen it.
- If you flip the band over, you'll notice there are tiny grooves spaced out 1/8 of an inch. Inside one of these is where you'll need to land the casing to close the clasp.
(Here's the hardest part)
7. Slide the clasp until the back is directly aligned with one of the grooves. **If it is not correctly aligned, the clasp will not close**
- A good tip would be to use a pen or similar object to press down on the clasp as it may be difficult to close. Use decent force to press down on the clasp, if it doesn't close, then move it slightly in one direction and continue this process until it clicks closed.
8. Once the clasp is on the desired groove, you are good to go!
- If it is your first time adjusting, it may take a little effort to get it closed. No worries, stainless steel is very durable and should not break.
If you are unsure of how to do a step, please check out a video demonstration by clicking here
You can also shoot us a message at or a live chat (bottom right of your screen) if you have any questions about how to adjust your mesh watch band - we'd be happy to assist!
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