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Very Important:

You should NEVER set your automatic watch between 9:00 pm and 3:00 am. The mechanical gears that switch the date at 12:00 am begin turning at 10:00 pm and stop around 3:00 am. The times may vary depending on movement but it is best to set your timepiece in the morning or during the day to avoid mechanical issues.

How to set / adjust an automatic watch:

1. To get it started (with the crown still pushed in), wind it clockwise about 20 times to get it started or until it starts to get harder to wind it.
2. Pull the crown outward until it clicks and set the time, remember to wind it where the hands turn clockwise.
3. Once the time is set, press the crown back in until it clicks.
Your automatic watch is now ready to go!
The watch does not have batteries, it's powered by winding it and your movement as you wear it. The wind up on an automatic watch will power it for up to 30 hours and after this time or after it isn't worn for a while, the gears will stop turning - don't worry, this is normal. Simply wind it up again and set the time following the above steps. If you have any questions about our new Spyder automatic watches or any general inquiries about Black Tie Watch Co., please send us an email at .
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