How to Set the Aviator Chronograph & Monarch

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How to set your Aviator Chronograph watch

There are 3 main positions for the crown (the knob on the side of your watch) that we will focus on to adjust the day, date, and hands on the Aviator. 
- To start, make sure the crown is in the outwards position. An easy way to check is by turning the knob - if the hands move as you turn then it is in the correct position.
- From this position you can set the day of the week (left subdial) by turning the crown clockwise and moving the hands clockwise. Once the hands turn a full 24 hours, the subdial will move to the next day. Be sure to turn the hands clockwise, not counterclockwise.
- Turn the hands until it is on the correct day and then set it to the correct time.
After, gently press the crown in. It should be about halfway in and the seconds hand should start.
- Once it's halfway in, turn the crown counter-clockwise to adjust the date (right subdial). Once it's on the correct day of the month, press the crown all the way in.
Your Aviator is now ready to go!

How to set your Monarch watch

Similar to the Aviator, the Monarch's crown has 3 main click positions for the crown.
- To set the time, pull the crown to the outward position and simply set the time by turning the knob clockwise.
- To set the day, press the crown all the way in. Once it's pressed all the way in, gently pull the crown out to the 2nd position, about halfway out. You'll know if it's in the correct position if you feel it click, but the seconds hand is still going.
- From here, turn the crown counter-clockwise to adjust the date. Once the day of the month is correct, press the crown completely in.
Your Monarch is ready to go!
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