Best Budget Watches for Men – The 10 Best Men’s Watches under $100

Gold mens watches
best mens watches under $100

Watches are a great accessory for men. In a world where we have limited options as men to add a little flair to our look, wristwatches are the perfect way to express our unique style.

But with so many options out there – with a wide range of colors, movements, straps – how can you possibly narrow down which timepiece is right for your wrist while still being at an affordable price? Today, I’ll make that task a lot easier for you. Here’s the 10 best men’s budget watches under $100!

To help you in finding the perfect piece for you, we’ve drafted this list based on what we believe are the most affordable, budget-friendly watches on the market today. The list is not in any particular order so that no bias is shown for our own pieces. At the time this article was published, all watches on the list were at or below $100 and prices may change over time.

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1. Black Tie Watch Co. – Balkan (Charcoal Black)

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Our black Balkan is a 40MM minimalist quartz piece that is sure to turn heads. True to minimalist style, there is not much more to the watch face other than the essentials.

It features a stainless-steel strap, scratch resistant face, 60-second sub dial timer, as well as a water resistant casing.

This watch is great for men with smaller wrists or those who prefer their watches to not look bulky or oversized. On top of being a stylish, minimalist piece, the Balkan is also built to last even in tough conditions. You run the risk of scratching and ruining your watch face by simply brushing against a tough surface so getting a piece that’s scratch resistant might be something to consider when watch shopping.

On top of being scratch resistant, water resistance is also something to be considered as well. Although you aren’t spending a fortune on a watch hovering around $100, you still want something that’ll last and won’t be ruined by something so simple as a little rain or moisture.

Balkan is also available in a few different colors as well as leather and mesh straps. Visit our home page to check out our selection of minimalist pieces. 

 2. Black Tie Watch Co. – Premier (Black)
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The charcoal black 40MM Premier is one of our best sellers for good reason. The black on black look of the watch meshes perfectly with any dark outfit and the minimalist design allows you the freedom to put on a premier in any setting.

As with all Black Tie Watch Co. piece, the Premier has a scratch resistant coating on the glass fixed onto a water resistant casing. It has a quartz movement and genuine leather strap that is durable against wear and tear. At 40MM, it’s a nice sized watch for the average man’s wrist.


3. Black Tie Watch Co. – Apollo (Gold)

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Now I know this one isn’t listed under $100, but you can knock a nice chunk off the price with code blog20! The 43MM Apollo is our newest addition to the Black Tie Watch Co. collection. It is a gold and black leather piece that is truly in a style class of its own.

Features include day/date reading, chronograph stopwatch, and even an alarm setting. The face is scratch resistant and the casing is also water resistant up to 100 feet.

With its 43MM casing, the Apollo is noticeably larger than the previous two listed. It will blend nice with the average man’s wrist because it shouldn’t appear too small and, at the same time, is still within the size range where it doesn’t look like a boulder on your wrist.

The scratch resistant face again is something to consider when picking a watch that you want to last. For added protection and peace of mind, you might also want to look into whether the watch seller offers a warranty on your purchase. Black Tie Watch Co. offers a free 12 month warranty on Apollo and all their pieces!

4. Black Tie Watch Co. – Balkan (Black)
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Last but certainly not least on our list of best budget watches for men, the 40MM black leather Balkan from Black Tie Watch Co. The Balkan is a durable minimalist piece that features a scratch resistant mineral crystal face as well as a water resistant casing built to protect your watch up to 100 feet.

This watch has a genuine leather strap which is not only durable against bumps and scrapes, but it is also flexible to fit comfortably on your wrist. The scratch resistance on the casing is also nice to have because the last thing you want is for your money to be wasted and your watch to be ruined simply because you accidentally bumped it against a wall or tough surface.

The unique design of the Balkan is also worth noting. The 60 second timer sub dial being separated from the minute and hour hands is sure to make your wrist stand out for all the right reasons.

Minimalist watch

5. Braun – Japanese Quartz Mesh
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Another 40MM minimalist piece with its own unique style is this quartz watch from our friends over at Braun. It comes with a stainless-steel mesh strap and has a Japanese Quartz movement. Although it does not state that it is scratch resistant, it does feature a water-resistant casing up to 165 feet.

The benefit of a mesh strap is that you’re able to slide the clasp freely along the band and lock it in the grooves that are about 1 mm apart from each other. This means that you should be able to get that comfortable, snug fit every time no matter what your wrist size is.

The difference between the Japanese Quartz movement used here and a typical quartz movement is minimal. Basically, traditional quartz movements have a bit better battery life / power than Japanese ones. This means that it may begin having trouble keeping time down the road (after a couple years or so), but overall you shouldn’t be able to notice a difference.

Minimalist watch

6. Timex – Expedition Scout $40

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This classic 36MM quartz piece from Timex is a great, cheap option to men looking to cut costs on their wristwatch. Features include a water resistant case (water resistant up to 50 meters), a durable metal casing, and a built in night light.

This watch is great for a man who spends a lot of time outdoors. It’s built durably to withstand harsh conditions and the night light is great in case your work extends passed daylight hours.

The only knock I would have on this one is the case size. I mentioned earlier that a 40MM watch may run a bit small for those with larger than average wrists so you can imagine how a 36MM would treat you. In any sense, some men actually prefer their watch to be on the small size and the look can be pulled off with a classier attire.

7. Bulova – 96B104 $89

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Another minimalist addition to the list, Bulova’s classy 37MM 96B104 is a simple, yet effective piece to add to your collection. Built with simplicity in mind, this watch features a date calendar reading, water resistant case, and mineral crystal glass face.

The style speaks of suit and tie attire, but it is also a design that can be worn in a casual setting without sticking out or appearing out of place. I couldn’t find anything on it that suggests that it’s scratch resistant and it only features basic water resistance; however, many buyers of this piece have attested to it having better than average quality and durability.

Once again, the case size may be cause for concern and should definitely be considered before purchasing. The design of this piece is fairly new – debuting in late 2018.



8. Seiko - Chronograph $99

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This classic styled 40MM Seiko Chronograph is a nice fit for a business casual type man. The face is very suitable to wear in an office setting and really speaks of confidence. This style comes with a beige face and brown leather strap, but they also have the same design with a black face / black strap.

The unique feature on this is that it is extremely water resistant – it’s able to prevent water damage when submerged up to 100 meters or 330 feet. With this level of water resistance, it would actually qualify to be a “dive” watch, meaning you could technically safely go scuba diving with it; however, it is not recommended to expose it to that depth of water.

This piece also features a stainless steel casing, tang buckle clasp, and Japanese Quartz movement. A nice addition to your outfit if you’re a business professional and would mesh perfectly with a pair of khakis.

9. Stuhrling - 3997z $55

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This versatile 40MM minimalist watch is another great all black option. Because of it being a neutral color, you can’t go wrong with a black timepiece. Features of the 3997z include an ultra slim casing, date reading, and quartz movement.

The beauty of leather watches is that they are probably the most versatile and interchangeable when it comes to transitioning between professional and casual styles. This watch goes well with  jeans and a t shirt as well as with a nice button down and slacks.

 10Seiko - SNE036 $99

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This bronzed piece from Seiko is definitely something to consider adding to your collection. With a bronzed gold finish to the strap and a champagne colored dial, the SNE036 exudes class.

Its features include a solar powered battery, quartz movement, and water resistance up to 99 feet. The solar addition to it means that regular outdoor use of the piece should ensure its battery will last for many years to come before needing to be replaced.

Although it does have some water resistance capability, it is only protective for up to 30 meters. This means you should be fine in moderate rain and a bit of splashing onto the case, but the watch could get damaged should it ever get completely submerged in water.

Overall, it is a nice watch of class and definitely gives the feel of a more expensive piece. It would go nicely with black or other dark attire as well as some white outfit styles.



best mens watches under $100

I hope that after reading this article, you now have some great options to choose from when selecting your next watch. When purchasing a watch, it’s always a good idea to weigh your options and find the piece that’s best for you. But if you don’t have a lot of time to ensure you’ve got the perfect watch, one thing you should check for is a warranty and return policy 😊!

In all seriousness, I hope you’ve enjoyed this short read and found your next timepiece. If you’ve chosen a Black Tie Watch Co. piece, please use code Blog20 for 20% off your order! Thanks for reading!

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best mens watches under $100

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