15 Simple Watches for Men – The Best Minimalist Watches under $100

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 Simple watches for men minimalist watch

Over time, wristwatches have evolved from being just a simple device used to tell the time to a staple in modern fashion. If you’ve ever been watch shopping, you know there are thousands of pieces out there to choose from, but most of them are flashy, overly complicated, and way over the top watches.

You’re a classic, laid back man and you need a simple watch to match your style.  You need a minimalist watch and you need it to be affordable. Today, I’ll give you a list of the 15 best minimalist watches you can buy for less than $100!

Simple watches for men

To help you in finding the perfect piece for you, we’ve drafted this list based on what we believe are the most affordable, budget-friendly and stylish minimalist watches on the market today. The list is not in any particular order so that no bias is shown for our own pieces. At the time this article was published, all watches on the list were at or below $100 and prices may change over time.

15. Black Tie Watch Co. – Premier – Tan/Black
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An awesome way to kick off this list! Nothing says classic style like a leather brown strap. The tan/black 40MM Premier combines black with brown to create a bold look that fits great into a casual outfit but fits even better in a professional setting.

Features include a scratch resistant crystal face, water resistant casing, quartz movement, and black-silver coating on the hour markers. Black Tie Watch Co.’s motto is “Simplicity is Style” and this watch exhibits just that.

The clean black dial is nice minimalistic, & free of clutter while the black and brown provide a nice color contrast for a bold finish. It is also worth nothing that the scratch resistant coating is a feature you may need to consider when purchasing your next watch.

No matter what kind of watch you buy, if the surface isn’t scratch resistant, you run the risk of ruining the face simply by brushing against a rough surface or even just bumping it into a wall. Black Tie Watch Co. also provides a 12 month warranty and free returns on all orders so you can shop confidently knowing you’re making a solid purchase.

14. Black Tie Watch Co. – Apollo – Gold 
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The 43MM gold Apollo is the newest addition to Black Tie Watch Co. and is quickly becoming a customer favorite. Although it is not listed under $100 currently, you can knock a nice chunk off the price when you use promo code blog20 at checkout!

The Apollo is a crowd pleaser that’s sure to garner tons of compliments. Features include a day/date reading, a chronograph stopwatch reading the minutes, hours, and seconds, and even an alarm setting. A scratch resistant coating protects the watch’s face and it is water resistant up to 100 feet.

At 43MM, Apollo is slightly larger than average for watch cases so it would be a nice fit if you like your watches a little bigger or have a larger than average wrist. For added protection, this watch comes with a free 12 month warranty so you can shop with confidence knowing you’re making a great choice!

13. Black Tie Watch Co. - Balkan (Charcoal Black)
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A best seller from Black Tie Watch Co. and for good reason. The 40MM charcoal black stainless steel Balkan is the perfect mix of bold and minimalism.

Features include a scratch resistant mineral crystal face with a water resistant casing protecting your piece when submerged in up to 100 feet of water. The strap is stainless steel with a nice accent finish down the middle and the links of the strap are removable to ensure you get the perfect size for your wrist. Its unique design also includes a 60 second sub dial in the middle of the face which gives the watch such a distinct appearance.

At 40MM, this watch is great for men with smaller wrists or those who prefer their watches to not look bulky or oversized. On top of being a stylish, minimalist piece, the Balkan is also built to last even in tough conditions. You run the risk of scratching and ruining your watch face by simply brushing against a tough surface so getting a piece that’s scratch resistant might be something to consider when watch shopping.

12. Black Tie Watch Co. – Premier – White
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With subtle and simple style, the 40MM tan Premier is a minimalist dream. A conservatively designed watch that meshes well in a professional setting and works well with a casual outfit as well. The black markings against the white face make it easy to read and the tan strap gives you a sharp, classic style.

Features include a genuine leather strap that’s soft, flexible, and durable against abrasions. The texture of the strap is reminiscent of suede and the face is scratch resistant, so the watch won’t be damaged when bumped and brushed against rough surfaces. The casing is water resistant up to 100 feet so if you get caught in some rain or if it gets splashed, your piece will be protected against damage.

An important thing to note when purchasing the Premier is that it comes with a 12 month warranty in case it gets damaged or needs to be returned for any reason so you can shop risk free. You can also get 20% off when you use promo code blog20 at checkout!

11. Black Tie Watch Co. – Balkan – Charcoal Black / Black
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A best seller from Black Tie Watch Co., the 40MM charcoal black Balkan is the definition of minimalist. With a bold black finish, unique design on the casing, and durable black genuine leather strap, the Balkan is built to last.

Features include a scratch resistant face, 100% genuine leather strap, 60 second third hand timer, quartz movement, and water resistant casing. The all black design of the watch makes it a subtle, yet effective addition to your outfit and the 60 second timer in the middle of the face helps you stand out from those traditional watch designs. A very solid option overall!

Balkan, as with all Black Tie watches, comes with a 12 month warranty meaning you can purchase your piece risk free. To get 20% off the all black Balkan from Black Tie Watch Co., please use code blog20 at checkout!

simple watches for men

10. Skagen – Jorn Minimalistic – Brown/Blue
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This classy, simple 41MM piece from Skagen is simple and sleek.

It features a soft and comfortable brown leather strap with a distinct blue face that will really make this piece stand out for all the right reasons. The faded blue face also meshes well with any outfit and would pair nicely with a Polo shirt and a pair of khakis.

The 41MM case is also around the ideal size to fit nicely around the average man’s wrist. With a slim casing, easy to read face, and modern design that won’t put a hole in your wallet, a Skagen is a quality selection for anyone looking for a new watch.

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If you’re looking for a timepiece that’s very easy to read, but one that’s also fashion forward and fits your minimalist style, the 38MM Easy Reader is a great option for you. It features a black leather strap, plain white face and easy to read, large numerals. It also features distinct hands and a date reading.

Other features include water resistance to 30M meaning it handles a little rain and splash well, but may be damaged if submerged underwater. The coolest and most unique feature about the Easy Reader is that the dial is luminous meaning their Indigo face glows in the dark making it easy to read the time even in a low light setting such as at the movies or while laying in bed.

The 38MM is perfect for men with slightly smaller than average wrists and the price is one that you won’t find from many reputable companies. Overall, a very solid option.


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With a design that speaks of luxury and class, the 41MM Southview is a thing of beauty. It tip toes the fine line between being a sharp piece and being too over the top to be considered simple and minimalist.

Features include a 20MM adjustable genuine leather strap, rose gold tone casing, and luminous rose gold toned roman numerals on the dial. It is also water resistant up to 100 feet. Like their Easy Reader above, Timex makes it possible for you to tell the time whether in light or darkness. This is great for people who may work or perform functions in the evening and have trouble reading their watch in dim light.

The genuine leather strap is very lightweight, breathable, and durable, but if you’re not a fan of it, it’s designed to make replacing it very easy. This watch is another great option for those wanting something to double as a casual and professional piece all in one. It’s a nice and simple addition to your minimalist style!

simple watches for men best minimalist watches under 100

7. Fossil – Carbon Series – Brown / Blue- $75
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A stunning minimalist watch, the 44MM blue Carbon Series with diamond accent is a great business casual watch. A blue face is arguably the most attractive and versatile watch face color you can have on your wrist because blue meshes well with so many color combinations. The gold hands and markings are also a very nice touch but the standout feature of this is the addition of the diamond accent.

The genuine diamond accent gives a sense of class and status to this otherwise very affordable piece. It also features quartz movement, a tang buckle clasp, and a nice water resistance protecting your piece in up to 165 feet of water. This means that you can keep your watch on for swimming in short periods or even while showering and it should still be fully functional.

The 44MM casing makes it a bit larger than average sized watches so if you have an averaged sized wrist you may think of purchasing a 43MM to 41MM piece. However, if you don’t mind your wristwatch appearing slightly bigger than your wrist, this watch acts as a great addition to your collection and wardrobe.

Simple watches for men minimalist watches
6. Casio MQ24-7E – Black
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A unique watch from Casio. The aim in this 34MM MQ24-7E is certainly to provide a watch for someone who simply just needs a watch. There is nothing special about its durability – it is only water resistant for 10-30 feet (in other words not very water resistant at all) and the black resin band isn’t necessarily battle tested, but for the price, it is a solid option.

At 34MM, this watch is great for people with smaller wrists who usually cannot find a small enough piece. The rubber resin band is also lightweight as is the entire watch, so you’ll barely feel it on your wrist. And for this price point, it’s also a nice thing for your peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about wasting your money by damaging it.

minimalist watches under 100 simple watches


5. Skagen – Ancher – Brown
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A modern, minimalist gem, the 40MM Skagen Ancher has a modern feel with classic elements to it. The Arabic numerals on the face make it easy to read and the brown strap meshes well with the blue third hand.

It’s also worth noting the unique way the casing extends and blends into the strap. This will certainly ensure that your watch stands out from the crowd. Features also include water resistance up to 100 feet, a stainless steel casing, date reading and genuine light brown leather band.

The 40MM case will work well for average wrists and the watch functions well as a unisex watch. Wearers say that it is a very lightweight watch, the face and casing are designed beautifully, and it is a great combination and simplicity and style.

minimalist watches affordable simple watches

4. Timex – Southview – Brown
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A piece of class, the 41MM TimeX brown Southview has a nice, subtle, and minimalist style that would be a great addition to your collection. The union of blue and brown has always been a winning combination and the case is no different here. The Southview’s use of Roman numerals on the face give it a feel of a piece worth hundreds of dollars more.

At 41MM, it’s a nice sized piece for those with larger than average wrists or just for those who like their wristwatches to appear a bit bigger. Features include a 20MM genuine leather strap, water resistant case up to 100 feet, and silver tone Roman numerals.

A cool thing about this watch is that the silver tone roman numerals are reflective and the hands on the watch face are luminous meaning it is very easy to read in daylight and still possible to read when it is dark.


simple cheap watches for men

3. Seiko – Chronograph – Brown
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For the next 3 on this list, I’ve decided to include some simple chronographs because I think they play a great role in minimalism when it comes to wristwatches. The first one here is the brown 38MM SNDC31 chronograph from Seiko. It is a classy watch with a beige dial color that really gives it an historic feel.

Features include a stainless steel case, Japanese quartz movement, Arabic numerals, date window reading, and a croc textured leather band. The best feature on this piece is probably its water resistance. This chronograph from Seiko can resist water up to 330 feet meaning it will be safe should wear it during showering, swimming, and even snorkeling.

If you’re looking for something a slight step up from basic minimalism and a piece that has a nostalgically classic feel to it, this is a great option for you. And if you’re someone who enjoys being around water and have a concern about your watch being damaged, this is certainly a watch to consider. For instance, if you’re a swimmer, this would be the perfect watch for you because of the stopwatch and water resistance.

cheap simple minimalist watches for men

2. Timex – Weekender Chrono
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I’ve always been a fan of green faces, so I had to include this one on the list. A truly stunning piece from Timex, the chrono Weekenders is definitely something to consider putting on your wrist.

Features include a genuine leather strap, Arabic numerals for the hours, military time on the outside of the hour markers, and a date window. One cool thing about this Weekender versus previous ones: it has night mode with an Indiglo face meaning you can read the face clearly even in darkness.

The genuine leather strap is also of good quality. It has a scratch resistant finish which can be important if you are someone who moves around a lot in tight spaces and may brush it against something rough. It also fares well against moisture and does not absorb water well meaning it will not leave stains if it gets wet.


cheap affordable simple minimalist watches for men

1. Skagen – Kristoffer – Mesh / Blue
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A sleek mesh watch with some unique features, the 42MM Kristoffer spells out class.

Features include a multifunction quartz movement, gunmetal plated stainless steel case, sandblasted blue dial, and a strong water resistance of up to 165 feet. The unique face design of the Kristoffer features 2 separate sub dials – one showing the seconds and the other acting as a second hour hand.

This, along with a large face, make this watch very easy to read. A nice, sleek watch that may not be able to be worn on an everyday basis but can certainly compliment your style on special occasions.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

So, there you have it! 15 awesome, minimalist, simple watches that are sure to get you compliments without breaking the bank. I hope that after going through this list, you’ve found a piece that matches your style. Which one’s you favorite? Tell us in the comments!

simple watches for men

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