The 10 Best Chronograph Watches Under $100. Affordable Chronos for Men

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There are thousands of different timepieces out there to choose from featuring different shapes, sizes, and styles, but most can only do one thing – tell time. Boring, right? Well, there's one type of watch that does a little more than just keep time - chronographs, aside from having amazing designs, also have built in stopwatches.

So, what are the best chronograph watches and can you own a sleek one for less than $100? Whether you want one for its functionality or if you just love the design, this list will give you the best 10 chronograph watch options you need to consider before buying your next timepiece.

This list is not in any particular order so that no bias is shown to our own pieces. Each watch on the list was priced at under $100 when the list was created and prices may fluctuate over time.

10. Black Tie Watch Co. – Apollo Chronograph
Rating: 4.8 / 5.0
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I know you’re probably wondering why it’s included on this list of “under $100” watches, but luckily for you, we’re offering our article readers a special discount on our pieces – just use code blog20 to knock a nice chunk off that price!

When you talk about affordable luxury timepieces, the Apollo should be the first thing you think of. The newest addition to the Black Tie Watch Co. collection, the 43MM Apollo is a showstopper.

Features include a genuine leather strap, quartz movement, scratch resistant mineral crystal face, date reading, 3 ATM water resistant casing, and even an alarm setting.

One major thing to consider with an affordable piece is its durability. Because of the lower price, you might expect quality and durability to not be a top priority, but the Apollo is certainly an exception. The scratch resistant coating on its face ensures that your piece will be protected from sharp scrapes or bumps against hard surfaces.

It is also water resistant up to 100 feet meaning you can have peace of mind knowing it’ll be protected should you get caught in bad weather or if it gets dropped briefly in water.

9. Black Tie Watch Co. – Apollo Mesh Chronograph
Rating: 4.6/5.0
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Yes, this watch isn’t currently listed at under $100, but as a thank you for checking out this article, Black Tie Watch Co. is offering a huge discount – just use code blog20 at checkout!

An even bolder take on the leather chrono, the 43MM mesh chrono Apollo from Black Tie Watch Co. is the sharp, sleek finish your outfits have been missing. With a scratch resistant case and stainless steel backing, the mesh Apollo is built to last.

Features include a scratch resistant coating on the watch face, charcoal black dial with 3 sub dials, date reading, and water resistance up to 100 feet. The Apollo even comes with an alarm setting showing that this watch is more than just a stylish piece of jewelry.

When buying your next watch, it’s important to check if its face is scratch resistant. As someone who wears watches daily, I can tell you that nothing irks me more than getting a brand new piece, accidentally brushing it against a wall or tough surface, and having my purchase ruined by an annoying scratch. A scratch resistant coating is definitely something to consider protecting your watch.

best chronograph watches for men

8. Timex – Weekender
Rating: 4.2 / 5.0
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This piece just reminds you of money. Everyone loves a green faced watch for the prestigious style it displays and this combination with a brown strap on the 40MM Weekender make this watch a must have. Perfect for an important business meeting or a casual day on the golf course, this piece has features of a much more expensive wristwatch.

Features include the unique green dial, a date reading at 4 o’clock, Arabic hour numerals, and 24 hour military time lining the outside of the dial. The chronograph is a 30 minute reading and stopwatch that measures to 1/20th of a second. The casing is also water resistant up to 100 feet meaning it will fare well against splashes like heavy rain and shallow submersion in water.

Another cool feature of this watch is the Indiglo backlight feature on the dial. With Indiglo, you can clearly see your watch face even in pitch darkness. This is a great add on for those that have difficulty seeing in low light or those who work at night.

Best chronographs for men

7. Aviator – Pilot Chronograph
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
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A stunning, complex piece from Aviator, the 44MM AVW8974G76 pilot chronograph is an aviation lover’s dream. Aviator specializes in high quality, masculine, military inspired watches that always impress and are always affordable.

The features of this chrono include a solid silver stainless steel case, a comfortable leather strap, Miyota quartz movement, luminous hands, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

Overall, this is truly a high quality watch for the price you’re getting. The steel casing not only makes it more durable, but also adds a nice weight to it. The luminous hands is a great feature to have if you operate often in low light or with no light at all.

Although it is an aviation styled watch, it actually has a very good water resistance protecting your piece for up to 100 meters or about 330 feet.

Best chronographs for men affordable chronos

6. Skmei – Sport Chronograph
Rating: 4.7 / 5.0
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An awesome option for someone looking for a very inexpensive chronograph piece, the 47MM Skmei sport chronograph is the perfect mix between sporty and casual. The watch has a nice, heavy weight to it, so it feels a lot more expensive than it is and it also has a strong stainless steel case as well.

Features include Japanese quartz movement, a genuine leather strap, stainless steel casing, and chronograph stopwatch. It is not very water resistant (up to 98 feet) so you should try to keep it away from anything more than light rain and splashing. The leather strap also doesn’t fare well when wet so try to avoid this if at all possible.

One thing to consider with this watch is the large 47MM face. If you or someone you’re planning on gifting this watch to has an average or slightly smaller than average wrist, you may want to avoid this watch and stick to something around 43MM or less. Although 47MM is large for most wrists, some people actually prefer their watches to run a bit bigger. In this case, this watch would be the perfect purchase for you!

Best chronograph watches for men

5. Seiko – Classic Chronograph
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
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A watch of status and prestige, the 38MM SNDC31 chronograph from Seiko is a classy watch with a beige dial color that really gives it an historic and nostalgic feel unlike anything you’ll find for less than $100.

Features include a polished silver stainless steel case, Japanese quartz movement, Arabic numerals, date window reading, and a comfortable yet durable croc textured leather band.

The best feature on this piece is probably its water resistance. This chronograph from Seiko can resist water up to 330 feet meaning it will be safe should you wear it during showering, swimming, and even snorkeling.

If you’re looking for something a slight step up from basic minimalism and a piece that has a nostalgically classic feel to it, this is a great option for you. And if you’re someone who enjoys being around water and have a concern about your watch being damaged, this is certainly a watch to consider. For instance, if you’re a swimmer, this would be the perfect watch for you because of the stopwatch and water resistance.

Because of the way the white hands sit against the cream colored dial, it can be a bit difficult to read in bright light, but this may only be a problem for people with vision issues. Overall this is certainly a classy solid option for the price that can be worn with dress attire or for a casual day out.      

Best chronographs for men affordable chronos

4. Timex – Expedition Chronograph
Rating: 4.1 / 5.0
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Another classic styled watch from Timex, the 42MM Expedition is a piece of nostalgia. The font and design of the dial are reminiscent of an old map. It is a nice everyday watch, but I can see this meshing even better with professional attire.

Features include an adjustable 20MM brown genuine leather strap (fits up to an 8 inch wrist), silver-tone brass casing, indiglo backlight dial, 30 minute chronograph, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

This is another backlit light that pairs well for someone who has trouble seeing their watch dial in dim light or someone who regularly wears their watch in darkness. On the topic of vision, the large Arabic numerals on the dial also assist you in reading the face or telling time.

At this price, this is an awesome purchase. This watch is classy, durable, and sure to get you tons of compliments every time you put it on.

best chronographs for men

3. Casio – Heavy Duty Chronograph
Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
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For the adventurers out there who need a timepiece that’s tough against contact and rugged for those bumpy days, the Heavy Duty Chronograph from Casio with a massive 49MM casing is the watch you need.

Features include near indestructible durability with its bulky 49MM frame, resin band, chronograph stopwatch, quartz movement, date reading, and water resistance up to 100m.

No one wants to choose between style and durability when choosing a watch for their day outdoors. The Casio Chrono’s water resistance ensures that your watch will be protected against water damage even if you were to go swimming or snorkeling. This, along with its durability, make this the perfect outdoor adventure / hiking watch.

Another cool protection on this timepiece is that the face has three dimensional depth meaning it’s that much harder for your watch face to get damaged. An overall tough watch that can survive in even the toughest environments, it is well worth it for such a small investment.

best chronograph watches for men

2. Fossil – Decker Chronograph
Rating: 4.6 / 5.0
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A sporty and sophisticated machine, the 44MM Decker Chronograph from Fossil is a stunner. With a stitched silicon band strap and black tachymeter bezel, this watch is certain to garner you a ton of compliments.

Features include a silver tone outer casing with a black tachymeter bezel in the center, quartz movement, chronograph sub dials, date reading, and has water resistance up to 100 meters. The presence of the silicon rubber material on the strap is very beneficial for the watch’s durability as it fares very well against abrasions or accidental brushes against hard surfaces.

This is truly an everyday type of watch. It is conservative enough to wear to work and stylish enough to wear to the bar. It has above average durability and Fossil has been known to have great customer service when dealing with repairs or returns so you can shop with confidence knowing your purchase is protected and will be taken care of.

best chronograph watches for men

1. Timex – Intelligent Fly-Back Chronograph
Rating: 4.2/5.0
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To close this list out, let’s check out a truly unique timepiece from the fine folks over at Timex. With its intricate and complex markings on the dial, the 43MM Intelligent Fly-Back Chronograph is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Features include an adjustable 20MM genuine leather strap, black dial with a date reading, 4 hour chronograph stopwatch measuring 1/5th of a second, indiglo backlight on the watch dial, and water resistance up to 330 feet.

Timex’s trademark “Indiglo” feature on most of their watches is always a big talking point among Timex wearers and observers. You never really realize how often you’re wearing your watch in situations with dim light or in places with no light at all. Yes, I know we’re in the age of smart phones and digital clocks, but this is still a very helpful feature to have on your wristwatch should the time come.

So, there you have it. A comprehensive list of 10 Chronograph wristwatches that will instantly upgrade your style without burning a hole in your wallet. If you want to check out more information about any of the watches listed, please click the “Here” button underneath each piece.

I hope you enjoyed this article and would love to know which are your favorites. Leave a comment down below to let us know which one you’re considering buying. Also, don’t forget to share with a friend who might be looking for a new watch as well!

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